During this year the English translation of the book will be made.  And texts blog. Warm Greetings


This web is going growing like a living being, like a human. Like we are. We live together…

“A distraction with key but without lock”, that means, it’s able to get it anytime and any day. Without lock for get into its roof, and with the key for whoever is here, be here at ease and very comfortable.

One of the best places of Internet, unique. I put the best of me. With no hurry but with the best of me, the best for you all.

Suggestions, questions, issues, ideas, improvements, in “Leave your comment”. As well as any question of the book you want to solve.

Pampering, sympathy, joy, optimism!

With the five senses!,


Thanks to everyone in the world who see us Gracias a todos en el mundo que nos ven Vielen Dank an alle Menschen in der Welt, die uns besuchen Grazie a tutti in tutto il mondo che ci vedono Благодаря всем в мире, кто видит нас Merci à tous ceux dans le monde qui nous voient شكرا للجميع في العالم الذين يرون لنا 私は、私達を訪問するすべての人に感謝したいと思います 感謝大家在世界上誰看到我們