Love is a little different to want. It is not a question of quantity or quality. In the book you will realice.

Therefore, it is not comfortable differentiate. Amar is an infinitive verb like any other but sounds that own future infinitive “to … l … o … v … e”. And if it is reinforced by the conjugation “I will love” or “I will love you” seems even further.

It seems illogical to use a future “about something that is present in front of the other person”! It would be logical to use this “I love” or “I love you”. The downside is that if we use this, as they hear “I love you” … it becomes past. Almost as if he had not said anything. Especially in which the speaker.

Then, you would be saying all the time “I love you … I love you … I love you …” that, although pass … I mean past; and is present again.

Therefore, “I will love you”, although future is a future that does not end. And unfinished even begin, sounds and comes …