One can only love. It’s all set up for that. If you focus on love nothing more. If you focus on love there is nothing any more.

Think about who you love most. Do not say who. In someone, you have dump, love of truth, when you could or does not. That love, without it being the first nor the last, can mean. At the time least expected. Less wished even. Love never disappears. It’s like “a field of flowers, are not all together but you can love them all equally or to each of them.” Loving is only to love a human being but it is possible to love to more. If not for a moment, is in another. Definitively, you love. The love exists and also inside every person.

With what I experienced, some of this has to happen:

-You like exceptionally something from that person, just something.
-The person shows that delivers it or does not put barriers.
-That’s something exclusively yours, not yours.
-Does what others can not make you feel.
-That for a few minutes you’re in love with that person.
-Delivery without saying, has realized or not.
-That you could have seen some defect, in spite of his smile or laugh.
-You have realized that has done something for you.
-All that has been shared as best ever tried.
-You realize that friendship was created without the conditions of friendship.
-May you be “able to feel a void”, out of time or place, although you had forgotten mentally, when that person is gone forever. When that little gap in reality, is an abyss.

When “not worth you to see all the flowers of the field if she is not.” It was a flower of love, sure. It was …