Merry Christmas!


You stayed on me

Pretty spiritual, beautiful, whole body
lots of glorious Heaven in you
beautiful woman, you introduced me to you
friend outside without all know as love.

Like a star that opens and stays
without points to the center chest delineated
round solid masses decent perishing
legs waist roads which rotated.

You were in Eden woman human material
you’ll be fine without him back how […]

I love you or I will love you

Love is a little different to want. It is not a question of quantity or quality. In the book you will realice.

Therefore, it is not comfortable differentiate. Amar is an infinitive verb like any other but sounds that own future infinitive “to … l … o … v … e”. And if it is […]

Love was made

One can only love. It’s all set up for that. If you focus on love nothing more. If you focus on love there is nothing any more.

Think about who you love most. Do not say who. In someone, you have dump, love of truth, when you could or does not. That love, without it […]

Nothing is missing to life

I’m strong but I feel the blows until they reach. If they feel 20 to 20 but if they feel 200 to 200. Love makes you love and feel. Life ends but do believe in things forever. I always think to the end. I also came to the depth of things, understand or try […]

Aqua in love you and me

We’ll dance like we water together. Your wave even without touching mine. Moving forward, as the night the mystery offshore, our steps. And far, individual flames lit as lights port. Admire the dark horizon where no one knows what is, only green glow deep water with the moon.

Spend a few hours, a close up […]

Life is too beautiful for that time happens

Life is too beautiful for that time happens.
All those present with its amanerceres and sunsets.
Without calendars that were mattering because they not transcended.
It was imperishable. The opportunities were circular, were returning.

The days were allies around the clock every time.
The present happened with a light slight yesterday that the present it was covering.
It never seems […]