For getting the book:

The digital format is the cheapest way to get it. However, getting it on paper has better price than buying it in bookstores.

*Digital format: It has advantages. It’s three times cheaper and you get it. Highly recommended for those living outside Spain because of the price charged without shipping. You can buy it from the web or in places will be announced soon.

*In paper and by the web: it costs three times the price of digital version or eBook. For those who live in Spain, is the best. Because there’s no shipping costs. You got it physically. I can dedicate and sign, plus a small detail that adds to the book. You can give it like a present. You can put in the library or take it to bed. You can feel it and enjoy the sheets and the cover in your hands.

By bank wire Transfer: (Spain); (Europe); (Latin America).

By Paypal carries 1,10 euros commission (already included in the Paypal prices).

* In bookstores: It has the advantage that you buy it wherever you want. You ask for and they bring it to you. Although it may cost 2 euros more than do it by the web.

And, whether digital, from the web or libraries: Be Yours!

Thanks for being a reader of my writings.