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The scent of woman for man is like pearl for seashell

When loving a woman, everything pleases. And about everything, the most liked is in the 5 senses. One of them is impassioned. From the goodness, for whom were loved, they’ll love, they’re loved, and still keeping their love. Romance issues, love, something beyond. Because the scent of a woman … the smell of woman saves love.

In this work you’ll have to use 60 seconds more than others because it possesses (1 minute) a degree that identifies you, and his own style that nobody tells.

Be the woman, be the man, will be enjoyed in this environment, speech, message, poem, questions, which sometimes surrounding. Only, three cards, replies, from the woman who always love the moment.

The reading will provide you very sentimental and reflective moments and others like laugh, joke or criticism.

Every reading will give you placing again in the passage and will discover you more diverse angles. As well as, crossing high under the scent, with written steps, far away, deeply, of the woman.

Detailed sheet

Front portada-libro-aroma-de-mujer-ingles
Title The scent of woman for man is like pearl for seashell
Author Javier Mª Torres Vigueras
Topic Adult contemporary romantic fiction. With brief message for other public
Editorial Punto Rojo Libros, S.L.
Num. pages 381
Size 14,5 x 20,5 cms
Language English
Bookbinding Soft cover, white interior paper, photographs in black and color
Year 2014
Place Sevilla
ISBN 9788416157389
Email javier@aromademujer.es
Phone +34 669 50 59 21